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Ribbon Essentials (PDF-11MB)

Morex Ribbon offers a catalog of our best selling styles for quality, color selection, and price advantage. A copy of the most current catalog is available for download below. If you would like to request a hard copy with feeler pages, please contact customer service or email marketing@morexribbon.com

Value 50 yd Selection (PDF-1MB)

Best selling glittered dots, sparkling swirls, shimmering snowflakes, and warm holiday plaids are now offered at sale prices in 50 yd spools. Everyday custom plaids and sheer dots and more at great prices.

Download Value 50 yd flyer here.

Premium Christmas Collection (PDF-6MB)

All new 2016 Holiday Trend Collection. Morex Ribbon offers selections in all the top Christmas trends. From Nordic & Woodland, to Snowflakes & Santa Belts, you will find just the right colors and textures to meet all of your holiday sales.

Download Premium Christmas flyer here.

Seasonal Solutions (PDF-3MB)

Morex Ribbon's Seasonal Solutions offers a line of point-of-purchase displays from trays to free standing. You will find colorful exciting everyday collections from butterflies to Happy Birthday. Holiday collections include our best-selling tray of Gold & Silver Poly glitter spools to Displayland Christmas, a retail floor display with a full assortment of sparkling colors and patterns. Exclusive to Morex Ribbon these items are all made in Germany! Please ask your sales rep or call customer service at 800-466-7393, ext 238. We will be delighted to serve you!

Download Seasonal Solutions flyer here.

Morex Exclusive German Catalogs

Morex Ribbon offers a complete line of products from C.E. Pattberg, one of the top ribbon manufacturers in Germany! From bright and cheerful spring patterns to festive and elegant Christmas palettes, the catalogs linked below will take you on a journey of color and creativity. Though many of the items are in Morex's everyday line, some may not be visible. Please ask your sales rep or call customer service at 800-466-7393, ext 238. We will be delighted to serve you!

View the Morex Exclusive German Catalogs here.

Bridal Color Collection (PDF-1MB)

The latest wedding color trends for 2015. Featuring: 035 Swiss Satin, 088 Double Face Satin, 087 Neon and Brights Double Face Satin, 96 Dream, 464 Lyon, 918 Organdy, and 938 Delight.

Download The Bridal Color Collection here.

Black & White Collection (PDF-6MB)

The Black & White Collection is a fine selection of Morex's most popular black & white ribbon. This set includes styles that are great for everything from wedding to hairbows.

Download The Black & White flyer here.

Valentine Selection (PDF-1MB)

From florists to crafters our romantic offering includes Valentine ribbon essentials for this Holiday of Love. This set of ribbon includes just the right styles and colors to accent all your Valentine ribbon needs.

Download the Valentine's flyer here.